Welcome to Cookies Evolved! or otherwise also known as ARK: Survival Evolved mod collection for Shape The Cube ARK servers where according to Bubbles dinosaurs drop tasty bacon.

Are you searching for a friendly and mature community to play ARK without getting raided after first 10 minutes? Well you came to the right place - no raiding on our servers even doh PvP is enabled and allowed (only if both sides agree).


  • increased harvest rates (every single rock has been tweaked by hand, oh and thatch also)
  • cute and deadly up to level 600 wild dinos
  • learn everything and unlock TEK tier at level 120
  • is 120 not enough? Level up all the way to 150!
  • want baby griffins? Well besides baby Griffins you can also have baby Wyverns
  • need resources asap? Use the server shop...
  • get rich either by selling stuff or being a master hunter
  • get around the easy way with teleporters


For any question about our ARK servers be sure to read through our FAQ page first before you start spamming in Discord!