ARK: Shigo Islands

ARK Shigo Islands

How to join


  1. become a member of Shape The Cube by registering and filling out our whitelist form
  2. join our Discord server @
  3. subscribe to all mods in our collection @ STC: Cookies Evolved Steam page
  4. wait for our Staff teams confirmation in Discord that you have been whitelisted

IP for Aberration server

  • Copy this IP in your Steam servers manually:
  • or use this link to auto connect: click/click

Suggested spawn point for Shigo Islands is "Arashi 1", this is also where you can find server "safe spot", shops and a "Tek Transmitter" to travel to other servers.

Travel between servers

Always join the server where you have logged of! If you join a different server from that where you logged of you will be promted to create a new character!

You can travel between servers by uploading your character / dinos / items in a obelisk or tek transmitter that you can find at spawn...



For any question about our ARK servers be sure to read through our FAQ page first before you start spamming in Discord!

How to add servers to your favorites the easy way

  1. Copy the IP from server you want to add from above
  2. Open up your Steam and at top left menu navigate to: View -> Servers
  3. Inside the servers window navigate to the "Favorites" tab and hit "Add Server"
  4. Paste the servers IP in to the field and hit "Find games at this address" button
  5. Select the found game and hit "Add selected game server to favorites" button
  6. Open up ARK and you will now see the server under your favorites

Screenshot on where to find the servers window inside your steam client:

Screenshot of adding the IP to your favorites:

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