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Shape The Cube Ranks

What ranks are being used on your servers?

Main ranks

This rank represents our network founders and server administrators.
All our website, discord and server moderators.
Individuals we handpick and train to later become Moderators.
This rank and any higher ones are assigned only if we think you could be of benefit to us. If you ask to become a Helper or above you’re automatically disqualified for the position, we’ll ask you!
VIP, VIP+ and VIP++
These ranks are given to our donors. Please read under the economy section on how to obtain this role.
If you are a streamer or youtuber then this is the rank that you can request, more about that below.
The basic rank given to all whitelisted players.. As a member you have full access to all of our servers.
Non whitelisted players only able to join the Hub and our Discord server.

Discord specific roles

The awesome founders of Shape The Cube as it was given to our first group of members. This role is unobtainable!
Unified role for all our VIP ranked members. Once you reach one of the VIP ranks described above you will automatically be given this role in our Discord server.

How can I get the [Bigshot] rank

How to get it

If you are a streamer on Twitch or YouTube or simply upload your videos to Youtube then you can request this rank from @Staff in the #support channel.


You must make sure that you can cover our servers in your stream or video at least once per week. On twitch and YouTube you must have, on the day of requesting this role, at least 50 followers (twitch) or 100 subscribers (YouTube).

Do I get something extra with bigshot?

You get our appreciation and the good feeling that comes with supporting us :)
Otherwise you keep whatever perks your previous rank had, or if you donate you get to keep your bigshot rank and still get the donor perks!

Donations and Economy

How does your donation system work?

Donations are "Milestone" based, which means that you donate towards milestone goals even when purchasing point packages in our store; Once a goal is reached, perks under the milestone in question get unlocked for all players on all our servers (There are different perks on each game server and some game servers due to the nature how they work do not allow for in-game perks).

We have choosen this type of economy to be in first place Minecraft EULA compliant but also to give everyone equal chance to purchase perks in our store as everyone can get their hands on to Cube Points by voting, posting reviews or by donating.

Will I be able to purchase stuff or just donate to the milestone?

Our milestone is being filled by purchasing Cube Points in our web store. Every purchase that is made in our web store is put into our milestone.

What are Cube Points?

Cube Points
Points are the currency used on our website’s store, for things like item-packs and such.

How can I earn Cube Points?

You can earn Cube Points by

  • buying a "Cube Points" package in our webstore
  • by posting on our forums
  • by getting likes on your forum post
  • by reviewing our server on sites listed (see a bit further down)
  • you also get FREE Cube Points at end of each month depending on how filled up the milestone got the previous month.

Points you get for reviewing our server on posted threads:

  • you get 100 free points for every review you make about our server on listed threads.
  • once you post your review you can contact one of our Staff members and provide them a link to your review, the Staff member will then push the points onto your account. (Best place to do this is in our #support discord channel, using @Staff)

On which sites can I review the server?

  • All sites that we picked are listed on our “FREE REWARDS” page and also on every other page at the bottom (just scroll all the way down)
  • We also accept reviews published on a non listed site but in this case the site must be oriented towards the games we here at Shape The Cube host.

Points you get for posting on our forums

  • After 50 forum posts: 50 Points
  • After 100 forum posts: 100 Points
  • After 250 forum posts: 250 Points
  • After 500 forum posts: 500 Points
  • After 1000 forum posts: 1000 Points
  • After 2500 forum posts: 2500 Points
  • After 5000 forum posts: 5000 Points

Points you get for getting likes on your forum post

  • After 5 likes: 5 Points*
  • After 10 likes: 15 Points *
  • After 25 likes: 40 Points *
  • After 50 likes: 90 Points *
  • After 100 likes: 200 Points *
  • After 250 likes: 500 Points *
  • After 500 likes: 1000 Points*

* you get this reward every time you reach the set number of votes

What perks do I get when a certain milestone gets unlocked?

List of perks that get unlocked for each milestone that we reach:

First, you are not the only one that gains extra perks when a milestone is unlocked, every Shape The Cube member gets same perks as you.
Also we reserver the right to change listed milestones per server that we have opened, most changes to milestones will accour only to ensure modpack progression is balanced. Any changes to per server milestone perks are listed on our server pages.

Global Reward

25% Milestone
- 15 Cube Points!
50% Milestone
- 30 Cube Points!
75% Milestone
- 45 Cube Points!
100% Milestone
- 60 Cube Points!

Modded servers

25% Milestone
- set nickname with /nick
- use chat colours
- set any block as a hat with /hat
- set 4 homes
50% Milestone
- return to your previous spot with /back
- set your own personal time with /ptime
- set 6 homes
75% Milestone
- keep your inventory on death
- heal yourself with /heal (30 min cooldown)
- set your own weather effect with /pweather
100% Milestone
- creative fly with /fly
- repair item in hand with /repair
- set 10 homes

I donated, do I get something extra?

Donors themselves will still get some extra stuff besides the milestone perks that are being unlocked...

Donor perks $15 min. Donation:

- [VIP] tag on website and in-game
Modded Minecraft servers
- 6x /sethome

Donor perks $30 min. Donation:

- [VIP+] tag on website and in-game
Modded Minecraft servers
- 4x /sethome
- Permanent ability to set nickname in-game

Donor perks $50 min. Donation:

- [VIP++] tag on website and in-game
- “CubeShapers” role in Discord
Modded Minecraft server
- Permanent ability to use coloured chat in-game
- Permanent ability to use /back on death
- Permanent ability to use /back on teleport

Why am I not “[Vip]” or “[Vip+]” rank, I donated x amount of $ all together?

To be eligible for one of our VIP ranks you must donate the targeted sum within the same month, meaning that if you donated x amount of $ last month and x amount this month they will not be added together as one donation. So if you’re aiming for a VIP rank, make sure you donate enough within the same month!

How long will a reached milestone stay unlocked?

Donation milestones are reset at the end of each month.
However if for example, the 10 homes perk was unlocked and then expired, you will still be able to /home to all 10 of those homes, you just won’t be able to set more than the default again, before the perk is unlocked again.

Modded Minecraft servers

What commands can I use on the servers?

Every player starts with the below described commands regardless of server playing on. For a full list of commands available to you please use the command /help in-game.
- set 2 homes
- /tpa and all sub commands with no cooldown
- /rtp (random teleport)
I want more commands!
Please refer to our economy section and read thru the milestones and extra donor perks parts.

Can I use this or that on server?

Chunk loaders

Chunk loading on our modded servers is allowed, please check in our forums under your modpacks thread which chunk loaders are allowed. Beware however, that if you’re loading more chunks than necessary, or if your loaded area starts to consume too many server resources, we will remove your loader and issue a warning! Please be conservative with chunk loading and load only the things absolutely necessary to you.

Are chunk loaders working when I’m offline

Chunkloaders will only work while you’re online! This might seem counterintuitive, but nobody wants to play on a server that is constantly lagging, because of an offline player’s mega-base that is constantly loaded. Chunkloaders still have their uses while you’re online, keeping your base loaded while you’re out in the field, etc.

Custom dimensions

Generating custom dimensions with RFTools and the like, is not allowed.

Any custom dimensions that may be available, will have been created by server staff, with a public portal at spawn. To compensate for not allowing everyone to create their own custom dimension we have added the option to order a custom RFTools dimension in our web store (go check it out).

What about this?

If there’s something you’re unsure about, please first re-read this page in case you may have just missed it. If you’re still unsure, come join our Discord server and ask for support in #support channel using @support. A list of what dimensions are banned and which are not can be found here!

Can I build my base here or there?

If you have found a nice spot in overworld that you are 100% (99,99% is not enuf!) sure no one has claimed yet then you can make it yours, same applies to world generated structures such as guardian underwater temples.

In case you claimed a pre-generated structure that can produce useful items/loot and is in general a rare find, we encourage players who have claimed such structures to be fair to others and share stuff (best way would be with a chest placed somewhere near spawn).

Where can I mine for resources?

Manual gathering of resources is allowed in all dimensions including the overworld. In case you do go on a hunt for resources in the overworld be considerate and aim to leave the Overworld as natural looking as possible and limit your gathering to the immediate area in and around your base as much as possible

We encourage all our members to mainly use secondary dimensions (any dimension except the overworld is considered a secondary or mining dimension) to gather all the resources they need.

Where can I use my quarry?

All sorts of automated mining must be done in secondary dimensions, automated mining in the overworld is strictly forbidden.

Things to avoid

  • Do not set up your quarry at mining dimension spawn, move at least 1000 (1k) blocks away!
  • If possible set your mining contraption so that it fills back the hole it creates (dirt, cobble,...)
  • Do not use a builder from rftools to clear land in the overworld!

Can I protect my base?

If the modpack you play on comes with the mod FTButil then yes, you can claim/protect your base using that mod, otherwise we do not feature any third party land protection plugins or mods.

Can I protect my quarry in the mining dimension?

Short answer: NO! Please refer to our rules page...

I somehow lost my items, can I get them back?

We do not issue refunds! Please refer to our rules page...

Can I fight the "Wither" boss in the owerworld?

You can fight/farm all hostile mobs in the overworld as long as you are 100% sure that you can contain them. In case they break loose and cause damage you will be held accountable.

The laaaaaaaaagggg iss soo bad and stuff...

Before you get banned not only because being a noob in understanding what "lag" actually is but also for being an idiot that does not read our FAQ and rules (if you would read them we would not ban you) read this article about "lag" CLICK/CLICK

My apologies to everyone who is reading this, the "noob" and "idiot" part is for those who lied in their whitelist app that they have read this part...

Steam games related

How can I add a server to my favorites in Steam?

  1. Copy the IP from server you want to add from above
  2. Open up your Steam and at top left menu navigate to: View -> Servers
  3. Inside the servers window navigate to the "Favorites" tab and hit "Add Server"
  4. Paste the servers IP in to the field and hit "Find games at this address" button
  5. Select the found game and hit "Add selected game server to favorites" button
  6. Open up ARK and you will now see the server under your favorites

Screenshot on where to find the servers window inside your steam client:

Screenshot of adding the IP to your favorites:

Discord related

How can I connect to your Discord server

Simply click on the "JOIN SERVER" button at the bottom of the Discord sidebar on our website; If the widget is closed for you, click on the Discord logo on the left side of the page.

After you join our Discord server the role “Alien” will be automatically given to you. You will stick with this role until you send in your whitelist application and we approve it.

In case you join our Discord server without submitting your whitelist application you will be automatically kicked from our guild after a couple of hours. Reason for kicking you is simple, we do not entertain non-members in our Discord server.

How can I play music in Discord and what other command are there?

Go to the channel named “#bot-commands” and type in $help
- a message containing all available commands will be sent to you as a private message in Discord.

How can I get the “CubeShapers” role

Please read the “Donations and Economy” section of this page.

How can I get the “TheOutlaws” role

This role is reserved for our founding members. Simply put, you can’t get this role, unless you have a time machine.

How can I get the “Bigshot” role

This role is reserved for YouTubers and Streamers, if you are one of those please see above under the ranks section on how to obtain it.

How can I get attention of Staff member in Discord if I need help

Use @support in the #support channel to get attention from online Staff members!

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