As of now we have installed sponge and some plugins to give us more to give to you. One of the major additions was replacing the broken FTB Utils with both

  • Nucleus (Essentials)
  • Greifprevention

There soon will be voting and other goodies as times go on

So how does the new protection work well it works exactly the same way as it does on Bevos

1/ To make your initial Claim simply place a chest in the centre of a chunk not needed but will make things easier as you have been allocated 50 chunks to claim.

2/ To expand your claim simply click on the corner of your initial claim with a golden shovel and click again at where you wish to expand to. If you do not have enough blocks it will notify you. How do you know where your corners are they are shown as glowstone blocks if you are holding the golden shovel.

Borders are defined as

3/ You earn 2 chunks per hour to claim

4/ To see your claimlist tyoe /claimlist and you should see the below come up in chat


If you click on claim it should bring up expanded info of your claim which should look like the below


Also if you click on the coordinates shown on the claimlist it will teleport you back to that claim. So in theory its a free warp to your base and you can use your homes elsewhere.

I hope this help regarding the new protection system on HermitCraft and Direwolf Servers