In the next day or two we will be organising a griefing party....Yes you hear me correctly a chance for you all to go nuts and destroy builds at will with no repercussions at all and we will actually pay all those who help 100 Cube Points for doing so.

Why are we doing this?
That is a great question we are doing this as we have put your donations towards a good cause, we have hired a dev to make our very own custom built never to see in the public block logging plugin a plugin exclusive to us built for us specifically. So we need to test its functionality and the only way to do this is by asking you our loyal subjects to bring out the inner greifer and go to town on the server,

This testing will last maybe 24 hours to 48 hours depending on how things go. Upon completion I will allow you all to nuke the map and do your best to destroy as much of the map as possible if the server crashes thats the end of the fun and games and griefing rules will be applicable once again.

So we are looking for at least 6 players to help do this so please place your name down and we will ensure your placed on the whitelist for the party

General Rules

You will not be in creative but we will enable it so you have the ability to cheat items in if need be we wish this to be as true as possible.
There will be no spawning of animals or mobs
Please do not break so much the lag is unplayable we still neeed to be able to get around
Leave coordinates of where you have greifed and what you greifed below .

And finally no this is not a honeypot test or a conspiracy :p We actually want you to greif on it :p

Have fun