We will be performing some much needed tidying up of the server over the next 24 hours I will try to do this when there is as little players on as possible so it wont be too disruptive (yes and between crashes blame ftb for not updating refined storage :p) and I am hoping this will only require a restart on all servers so should not be too disruptive.

Whats Being Done

  1. Unifying all permissions - This will ensure that we only have to update the permissions on one server for it to be changed on all 4 servers.
  2. Migrating from YAML Storage to MySQL Storage for all our permissions
  3. Updating SpongeForge this has a lot of fixes that hopefully will smooth out some of the lag issues (heres hopin
  4. General tidying of old files and logs

Any questions feel free to reply here or ask me in discord but there should be very little disruption to play.