Some have asked about Skyfactory 3 and why it was advertised as being put into the server but never was, and that is a fair question to ask. The main reason was simply functionality of the servers and how we have things set up it just was not doable to have one server with mainly 1.7 packs and one sole 1.10 pack (Skyfactory 3) it made the way we handle whitelisting, permissions and much more quite difficult if not impossible to do.

We also felt that having separate servers for different versions made it more organised also. Then came the actual issues with the pack itself due to the mods that were in it that dealt with giving players their islands prevented us from using spongeforge which gave us the ability to set permissions and to provide you with ways of getting homes and all those lovely perks that you get from milestones.

Yes we could remove the mods that caused this and put in spongeforge but then we would have no way of giving you the player a island without physically coming in and building each one it just wasn't something we wanted to do or had the time to do. There is sky-block mods being developed at the moment for sponge but are very heavily in alpha and do not function well enough to be put on a production server.

Does this mean we will never have Skyfactory 3 no we will consider it in the future maybe to replace one of the other 1.10 packs when they become dormant and we need a change.

The final reason and the most important reason is stability as a community it is better for us not to bring it out now and have to remove it due to the problems above in a couple of months we do not wish to be resetting or changing packs every 2 months people do not like that and we rather not do that also. I hope this explains why we have not brought it out at this stage.