After much thought and such positive feedback given we will be implanting player shops to each server. The rollout will not be instant it will take us time to get it all going how we would like. So the plan is at this stage is as follows.

Infinity Evolved will be the first server to have player shops since this is one of the more popular packs and has a larger player base so it be better to test and to balance things before rolling it out on the other servers. At this stage we will only be rolling it out on our 1.7.10 servers for the time being, for a couple of reasons

1/ No real mod to handle shops that works how i would like it
2/ These servers are not really as active as our 1.7.10 servers

So Evolved you are our test subject. I will post the details of the shop for each server in there respective Forums since there may be differences in set up on each server but these will be the general setup for them

General Setup

  • You all will have a maximum of 20 Chest Shops
  • You will maintain your shops
  • Shops will be checked regularly by our staff (Explain why further down)
  • You will have the opportunity to set a portal to your shop next to spawn using mystcraft or rftools.
  • Any inactive stores will be removed and also the portal to it.
  • You are in control of the economy balance make it fair and sustainable for everybody.
  • No reselling items that you have not mined yourself or crafted yourself this prevents economy abuse if caught your shop will be removed
  • You can charge cube coins or you can barter items for other items entirely up to you

As for ways to obtain cube coins

You can earn cube coins in a few different ways

  • Exhange your Cube Points for ingame Cube Coins
  • Voting and giving server reviews
  • Sustaining your own shop
  • We will look into a possible jobs plugin so you have to do work for people to earn coins
  • We will also take suggestions if they are fair we will include them

When will this be finalised and implemented into Evolved?

This will probably be done over the next week and we are hoping by this time next week evolved will be done. Once evolveds set up we will monitor how well it is going, find out what needs changing and then roll it out to regrowth and ozone.

Tha its it for now i will update you guys when more information is available.