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NEWS - UPDATE Staff Complaints

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This is to make it perfectly clear that all staff are not immune to the rules, even the owners need to abide by these rules, especially staff as we need to lead by example and how are we to expect you the player to abide by them if we are not doing so ourselves.

On the flipside of the coin the staff work long and hard to make this community what it is and there are sometimes when staff may either make the wrong decision or get a bit heated with players out of sheer frustration of things, this is not meant nor is it an excuse for bad behaviour. Some may think they are unable to make a change or complain against staff because we will stick together and not listen or make up a reason to ban the player that is making the complaint, this will never happen i assure you of that.

If you feel that a staff member is abusing their powers, being disrespectful, rude or otherwise not upholding the values we have here feel free to raise it with either Bubbles, Atoru or Tyrobbb, this includes if you wish to make a report against Atoru and Myself .

There is better ways to resolve problems you may have instead of publicly making unwarranted reviews on our server pages on FTB. This could and most times can be resolved by simply discussing this with the staff members, we are all human we make mistakes and we are all the first to apologise if we have made an error. Just remember we are doing a lot in the background dealing with a lot of things and sometimes we make mistakes.

The main point here is we would rather you guys approach us and let us know there is a problem than sitting back saying nothing and becoming more resentful and end up not enjoying your stay here.

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Posted Feb 12, 17
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