First of all, you will need to have these TE4 machines: Glacial Precipitator, Pulverizer, Induction Smelter, two Magma Crucibles, and two Fluid Transposers.

1. Get yourself a stock of sandstone and run it through the Pulverizer to get niter.
2. Set the Glacial Precipitator to make snowballs.
3. Melt redstone in a Magma Crucible and have it output to an adjacent Fluid Transposer.
4. Place snowballs in the Fluid Transposer that contains the destabilized redstone to receive blizz powder.
5. Combine snowballs, niter, blizz powder and electrotine to get yourself cryotheum dust.

Now that you have cryotheum dust, you can get the item that makes getting shiny from ferrous ore easy, cinnabar.

1. Throw that cryotheum dust in your other Magma Crucible to get gelid cryotheum and send that into your second Fluid Transposer.
2. Place TC4 cinnabar into the Fluid Transposer that contains the gelid cryotheum to make TE4 cinnabar.
3. Cinnibar plus ferrous ore in the Induction Smelter will yield you a 1:1 ratio of shiny metal per ferrous ore.