It has come to my attention that the ftbutils method of chunk-loading is not working as we intended or want and this needs to change. We here always tried to ensure that we provide lag free or close to lag free servers, and the next lot of changes may not be liked by a lot of you but this is the way it has to be to control the loaded chunks. There are some things we will ask you guys for your feedback but there are times when we have to change them for the greater benefit of the server.

So here are the changes

Chunkloading from FTB Utilities will be removed as of now and replaced with the below

  • 1.7 Servers - Personal Anchors Only (You will need to enable Personal Anchors in your railcraft confg file to craft them)
  • 1.10 Servers - Chunk Loading Wards - You will need to power these with your own grid power.

The fuel for the personal anchors will be enderpearls they will power each for the below times

  • Hardmode = 3 hours for every 1 pearl
  • All other 1.7 Servers = 6 hours for every pearl

These changes will be in effect as of next server restart. There will be no discussion regarding this no compromises, this is how it is.

For those who do not know how to altar the config follow the below steps if your using Curse

1. First select "Open Folder" Option


2. Open the "config" Folder


3. Open the "Railcraft" Folder


4.Now right click the "railcraft.cfg" file and select edit file


Change the below lines to match

anchors { # # change to craftable=false to disable World Anchor crafting, they will still be available via Creative # B:craftable=true


# change to personal.craftable=false to disable Personal Anchor crafting, they will still be available via Creative # B:personal.craftable=true