Hello everyone,

My name is Nick(themadminer123), I'm 14 years old. I joined the server 12/31/16. I have not played much minecraft since then. But now I'm back, and I'm ready to build something amazing and blow everyone's mind. I have been playing on FTB Beyond since it opened. I currently have played 26.37 hours on Beyond. I have a partner, and he's been on vacation since Thursday. He is getting back tomorrow. His IGN is coevke. He is pretty nice. He is 17 years old. If this server is still open when I turn 16 I am going to apply for Helper. I really hope it is. Because I really like this server, and most servers wont let 16 year olds apply for Helper.
Soon I'm going to start my build that's going to blow your mind. The building my base is no where near how good I can build. I use to play around with a couple of buddys and we built things all day long. That's how I got so good at building. I hope everyone loves what I'm going to build soon. Ill tell you guys what it is going to be. It is going to be a underground base. it is going to be like 30 chunks big. Ill put a post out in a couple days possibly weeks to ask if anyone wants to help me dig out the area I need to build the base.