I was setting up my MRF laser's and prechargers when i first logged on this morning 12.30 pm Australia time and i was clearing some room to place the items, i didn't take noticed at first but i was losing my conduit facades so i ignored the fact that was happening continuing to get ready to set my lasers up.

So i set them all up and soon realised that i didn't have enough room to have the 4 that i wanted in my area, so i started taking them down i removed the "LASER" first and then the 3 pre chargers and went to place them again and seen they were not in my inventory, so i logged out and logged back in and they were still not there.

i ignored it and replaced them by making new ones and continued taking the other ones down to move them one block further and it happened again but this time is was 1 laser and 4 precharges this is when i went into support still not worried that i lost them just wanted to bring it up. so i ended up replacing them again i set everything up and put my tesseracts on top etc but missplaced a tesseract so i had to move it back onto the top but that got deleted again....

so i started thinking maybe the laser is deleting them but i was 2 blocks away from the actual beam it's self and i had my draconic magnet turned on so i find it hard to believe that the beam could suck it in which doesn't happen and the magnet picks things up instantly, i replaced that also and not touching anything else in that area again ahaha and what made me think even more it's a weird bug with the radius of the beam is that i broke some of the pre chargers and 2 lasers and everything was fine.

This could be a player error on my behalf but I've set mfr lasers up in the past and haven't had these problems when breaking and moving them and i didnt have a magnet back then and i did today, was just very odd.

I've posted this here just so others are aware this may or may not be a bug or could just be a player error due to MS etc, they are expensive to make on expert mode so just be careful when placing them they are in the right spot because you may lose it