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Technical side of Shape the Cube

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Hey guys, I want to say that I am thankful for this community to exist since it has because it has helped me achieve a sense of relaxation during tough times. As I have started my job post college, I am interested in what it takes to keep this website/community alive.

So, I want to start learning about the technical side of running a server. I want to know what does it take to run this server(Shape The Cube Website, Discord, and games.)
Point me in the direction of how much effort it takes into maintenance. I want to learn this stuff and hopefully (1) help the team here and (2) learn some programming skills that I can use in the future.

My job is Systems engineering. We are going to build a Mission Operations Center for the Landsat 9 mission. This task is 80% software, 10% hardware, 10%paperwork. I lack skills in the programming part and so while I am enjoying the client side service of playing Minecraft, I would like to take a peek "under the hood" to see how the engine runs.

I know I can ""Search the internet"" to get this stuff, but I want to talk about this in person. If one of you guys wanna chat about it, hit me up. I frequently use Discord so that is a good avenue to talk. Hope I hear from you guys soon!!

Posted Sep 29, 17 · OP
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It been a long time since I had anything to do with running a server but I can help you with the info you need
Posted Sep 29, 17
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There is quite a lot in the background that we have done that is more than what you would normally do for instance

1/ Atoru has written a Discord Bot that enables all our Admins and Moderators to run day to day commands to the server such as
- Whitelisting to all servers
- Banning of players
- List online players
- See the status of each server
- Deals with ingame and Discord permissions
- Restart all servers
- It will grab crash reports that we ask for
- Looks after combining backups and makes them ready to move to our offsite backup server

2/ We also have our own custom made chat bot and plugin that relays chat from ingame to the discord and to all other servers
3/ We have special Crons that continualy run every 15 minutes to ensure the servers are online if not it will restart them for us.
4/ These same Crons also do our backups for each server too.

That is the basics of what is going on in the background Atoru and Kella both spent a great deal working on the coding for the website/ discord and server to ensure that our staff were able to do what was needed to keep the servers online and running without having to wait for myself or Atoru.

I personally just ensure the server is cleaned out of unneeded crap, ensure the server is secure with the correct firewall protections and if Atoru needs anything done server side he generally gets me to do that for him or Kella.

This is just a brief explanation of what is going on in the background, we are always continuing to find new ways or better ways to manage all the servers so its easier to manage.
Posted Sep 29, 17