The original blaze spawner at spawn went missing. But turtle built a nice building to house the new blaze spawner.

The community blaze spawner installed near spawn is to help people find blazes because people keep stealing or breaking all the blaze spawner remotely close to the spawn portal. Even if others are clearly using it as a blaze point

Please remember there are other people on the server. Remember there's no enderio so you won't get a broken spawner.

If you can't resist raiding the nether for spawners. Please at least wait until the last day of the month. But if you come across a spawner someone has clearly. Built around it, please refrain use stealing it.

Also if you are after spawner shards try to raid the hives in the nether instead of the blaze spawner. There's wasp spawner inside them and I don't think people will miss them but people do miss blaze spawner especially near spawn.