Update 1.2.0 brings the new recommended version of Minecraft Forge (fixing some critical bugs). In addition to an update to Forge, various mods have been updated fixing bugs and adding new features. Finally, there are two new mods in the pack: Inventory Sorter (replacing Inventory Tweaks) and ReAuth.
Mod(s) Removed
Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
Replaced with Inventory Sorter.
Mod(s) Added
ReAuth by TechnicianLP (3.5.2)
Fixes the problem of having to restart your Client when your Session invalidates.
Inventory Sorter by cpw (1.12.3+51)
Simple inventory sorting tweaks.
Added as a replacement for Inventory Tweaks, removed in this update.
Mod(s) Updated
Minecraft Forge by ForgeDevTeam - ( >
Fixed the incorrect matching algorithm in ShapelessRecipes and ShapelessOreRecipe.
Fixed FastTESR quad sort.
Added tint index of 0 to fluid models.
Fixed a NPE when the player tried to sleep without bed.
Changed item model alpha tests to match values used for rendering.
Fixed incorrect lighting of item models.
Fixed: Swimming in water, riding a minecart or standing on soul sand darkening the sky at day time (MC-51150).
Fixed resource loading on some mac systems when SplashProgress is enabled.
Fixed network buffers not being released in some places.
Fixed a buffer leak in vanilla custom payload packet handling.
Fixed a network buffer leak with multi-part messages.
Fix server incorrectly marked as stopped before forge's handleServerStopped().
Made Ingredient to explode wildcard values like OreIngredient. Fixes some issues related to Grums order fix for Shapeless recipes. Other more advanced usages need to be documented and tested.
Fixed entity spawn messages not handling buffer correctly.
Non-player entities now respect WorldProvider.getMovementFactor.
Added the BucketUse event to ForgeUniversal Bucket.
Fixed CompoundIngredents not working properly in shapeless recipes.
Fixed server icon response leaking buffer (MC-122085).
Fixed errors caused by multi-target messages sent from LAN host.
Added support.yml for support bot on github.
Fixed BufferBuilder not expanding under some conditions.
Cleaned up old code for detecting BaseMods.
Created a custom shapeless recipe matching system. Should solve damageable items in shapeless recipes.
Added TAG_LONG_ARRAY to Constants.NBT.
Fixed more bad shapeless recipe matching.
Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2 - (rv5-stable-2 > rv5-stable-3)
Added CraftTweaker support.
Reverted DamageableRecipe changes, since they're now fixed by Forge.
Deprecated AE2's recipe system to indicate that they are going away soon.
Fixed: Fire ExplosionEvent.Detonate when Tiny TNT explodes.
Fixed: Reworked ContainerInscriber validation to correctly handle metadata wildcard for inscriber inputs.
Fixed: Removed swingArm in IToolHammer implementation.
Better Advancements by Way2muchnoise - ( >
Fixed: Corrected positioning for the mod's tabs.
Binnie's Mods by Binnie567 - ( >
Improved tooltips on machines, they now show some basic help.
Made the help key configurable.
Prevented shift-clicking into recipe slots.
Removed unused imports in the mod's code.
Fixed a localization error.
Fixed a crash on dedicated server.
Fixed "Ceramic Brick pick block".
Biomes O' Plenty by Glitchfiend - ( >
Update the zh_CN language file.
Bookshelf by darkh4x - (2.2.498 > 2.2.500)
Added AT for texture objects.
Added several ATs for texture maps and atlases.
Compact Machines by Davenonymous - (3.0.2-b165 > 3.0.3-b169)
Added Redstone Tunnels (toggle input/output mode in top right square).
Refined Storage now connects to Machine blocks visually, better indicating that connections are actually working.
Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth - (6.3.6 > 6.3.17)
Added "this item can not be eaten but is an ingredient for further foods" icon to the recipe book.
Added Actually Additions support.
Added support for piping out milk from the Milk Jar.
Moved compatibility to load from JSON files instead.
Fixed CraftTweaker recipe changes being ignored by the cooking table.
Fixed kitchen floor recipe output (12 instead of 1).
Fixed bottles not being filled from a sink.
Fixed items in the recipe book shifting around when scrolled after selection.
Fixed a crash when trying to put something in a spice rack from the side.
CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 - (4.0.9 > 4.0.10)
Fixed The seed registry being edited before being filled.
Added @ZenMethod to IData's and IItemStack's casters.
Added @ZenMethod annotation to some ZenMemberGetters/Setters.
Fixed Map Index Setter.
Fixed(?) Boolean inversion.
CreeperHost by Creeperhost - (1.5.0 > 1.6.0)
Added an extra confirmation before placing order complete with links to TOS/Policies. For addon developers, please see the language file for how to include links.
Fixed lookup to CreeperHost servers if CreeperHost module was enabled upon start - should remove that pesky 5 second wait (sorry about that)!
Fixed minor display issues when an order fails.
/dank/null by TheRealp455w0rd - (1.0.13 > 1.0.14)
Fixed the /dank/null losing contents when upgraded.
Extra Utilities by RWTema - (1.6.5 > 1.6.8)
Creatures can no longer spawn in quantum quarry custom dimension.
Reduced internal energy buffer on survival generator.
Increased GP cost of higher speed upgrade levels.
Fixed the Ender Lily and Red Orchid's FPS drop.
Fixed: Golden Lasso can no longer pick up 'dead' entities.
Fixed shift-clicking not reseting machine progress times.
Fixed the Glass Cutter recipe not recognizing NBT.
Fixed a duplicating Drums recipe.
Fixed mobs not spawning.
Fixed a dupe related to the Glass Cutter.
FoamFix by asiekierka - (0.8.0 > 0.8.2)
Mod's website is down, changelog will be added once it's up again.
Forestry by SirSengir - ( >
Fixed the Electrical Engine Not Accepting IC2 EU.
FTB Utilities by FTB - (4.2.2 > 4.2.3)
Updated to new Badge API.
Fixed crash with broken claimed chunks.
Fixed bug where you can claim chunks above limit.
Added configurable entity protection (Only works on non-monster entities (including non-living entities)).
Fixed a bug where badge had wrong offset when not wearing armor, and Silent Gems was not installed.
FTBLib by FTB - (4.2.3 > 4.2.4)
Fixed user data breaking, when profile name was changed.
Funky Locomotion by RWTema - (alpha-0.0.1 > 1.1.0)
Add Super-frame edge and corner blocks. Use these to create a super-frame that will drag any valid blocks within their bounds. Once a super-frame has been constructed, you need to right-click a corner block to activate them.
iChunUtil by iChun - (7.0.3 > 7.1.2)
World Portals changes for GLASS.
Code additions for GLASS.
Reluctantly added (untested) Optifine support for World Portals.
Removed EULA popup on clients. Now prints to console instead.
Fixed Endermite's Googly Eyes position.
Fixed checking for Morph.
Fixed drawing items in third person in World Portals.
Fixed World Portals not rendering entities.
Fixed picking up blocks dropping themselves as items - particularly shulker boxes.
Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize - (0.12-74 > 0.12-75)
Relicensed IE, because it was about time. It's not perfect but it's better than uncertainty.
Added a basic description to the mcmod.info file.
Added a configurable, global, modifier for the Cloche's Fertilizer effectiveness.
Cleaned up internal BlockState logic a bit.
Changed Chisel compat to use proper IMC keys.
Changed Stone Multiblocks to be immovable to pistons.
Changed Redtone Breakers to not visually connect to non-direct redstonedust.
Fixed broken rendering for blocks in non-standard layers.
Fixed config checks for @Mapped values causing issues.
Fixed issues with invalid block rotations.
Fixed Autoworkbench not disassembling properly.
Fixed crashes caused by empty ItemStacks.
Fixed Multiblocks not firing visual updates properly.
Fixed Eletrode Blueprints not being craftable.
Fixed Fluid Pump and Sheetmetal Tank not preserving NBT data.
Fixed Storage Crates writing empty enchantment tags on pickup.
Fixed Wire connections not synchronizing properly when switching between worlds.
Fixed Assembler consuming too much fluid in edgecases.
Fixed desync issues with the Workbench in multiplayer.
Fixed Water Wheel rotation issues.
Fixed shooting non-living entities with the Chemical Thrower.
Fixed Mixer recipes not showing tooltips in JEI.
Fixed the Cloche voiding seed.
Industrial Foregoing by Buuz135 - (1.5.6-93 > 1.5.11-100)
Added Thermal Expansion's Machine Frame as a frame in the recipes.
Added Tooltip descriptions for machines that accept range addons.
Removed the limitation of the Animal Rancher to being only able to operate with sheeps and cows.
Improved collision checking in the spawner.
The Mob Crusher now picks up the XP Orbs even if the tank is full.
The Resourceful Furnace now doesn't allow to input items in the output slot.
The Plant Sower will now get items from another slots if the current slot is empty and it is locked.
Fixed the Ore Processor consuming Essence when full.
Fixed some autocrafting issues on the Black Hole Unit and the Black Hole Unit Controllers.
Fixed the Mob Duplicator not spawning Ghasts or Wither Skeletons.
Fixed the Block Destroyer not working properly.
Fixed the Enchantment Applicator applying every enchant available.
Fixed a crash when using Generators with Power Cells.
Iron Backpacks by gr8pefish - (3.0.1-2 > 3.0.2-3)
Added the new Blacklist to the API.
Fixed odd interactions with inventory sorting mods.
Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz - ( >
Fixed a client crash when Minecraft language is null.
Fixed not being able to use mouse buttons for the keybinds.
Fixed a visual issue with JEI Description recipes for FluidStacks.
Added settings for probot-stale on github.
The mod now logs better recipe information for broken recipes.
You can now cheat items to the mouse, like in the creative menu (configurable in options).
Fixed messages in "inventory" give mode always logging items as "air".
The mod now helps performance for mods adding and removing items.
Fixed wrong type on new methods.
Fixed IngredientSet.removeAll.
Fixed using hotkeys to spawn to hotbar slots.
Fixed mouse-pickup when in the creative inventory gui.
Improved detection of other mods that add mod names to tooltips.
Made some cleanup.
Added support for GuiScreen and for dragging ghost items.
Prevented duplicate ingredients in the list when using an | (OR) search.
Fixed a crash when searching using an | (OR) operator.
McJtyLib by McJty - (2.4.5 > 2.5.0)
Fixed a potential security issue.
MeeCreeps by McJty - (0.1.3beta > 0.1.6beta)
Sneak-right clicking on a cube repeats the last command if possible. You can see this last action in the tooltip of the cube.
Added a new action to let the MeeCreep move blocks (chests and other tile entities). You select this action on the block you want to move. It will pick up that block and starts to follow you. When it is at the position that you want it you can dismiss it and it will put back the block first.
Added a config section so you can disable certain meecreep actions.
Added a new action to let the MeeCreep pick up torches and follow you until the torches run out. When you are in a dark area it will put down a torch.
Added a new action to let the MeeCreep follow you and deliver all interesting items on the ground straight to you. It will ignore items like cobblestone etc.
Added safety to the dig tunnel action, so that it will not try to build support with air blocks (and crash while doing that).
Added crash protection when a MeeCreep traverses through a portal too early.
New 3x3 dig staircase option.
"Chop trees" works for modded trees now (tested on Forestry), and can handle huge trees too. Maximum number of blocks for a tree is configurable.
Added protection for bad mods that return null for ItemStacks.
Reborn Core by modmuss50 - ( >
Added setBlockStatePath to ModelCompound.
Reduced the time the Easter egg shows.
Improved RecipeRemover.
Updated deprecated CoordTriplet to BlockPos for Multiblock.
Fixed a dupe bug.
Reborn Storage by modmuss50 - ( >
Updated to support the changes in Reborn Core.
Rewrote the mod, it should be less broken now. Please report any more issues you find.
Refined Storage by raoulvdberge - (1.5.23 > 1.5.25)
Added "Last modified" sorting option in the Grid.
Added a "detailed" variant for every Grid view type option, to disable the modified information on the tooltip.
Removed craft-only mode for the Exporter.
The Grid now displays last modified information (player name and date) and size on tooltips of stacks.
Fixed Exporter with Stack Upgrade not working correctly in Regulator Mode.
Fixed crash with the Constructor.
Fixed patterns being able to crash when no inputs are provided.
Fixed possible crash with network scanning.
Fixed not being able to autocraft different Storage Drawers' wood drawers.
Fixed not being able to autocraft certain Modular Routers items.
Fixed last modified date not being sent when extracting from an External Storage.
RFTools by McJty - (7.13 > 7.14)
Reimplemented the computer screen module.
Fixed a problem with the mode button (copy, swap, move, etc.) in the Builder not working/being remembered.
Fixed a problem where powercells could input more RF/t than advertised.
RFTools Control by McJty - (1.6.8 > 1.7.0)
In crafting cards you can now specify 'strict NBT' matching, so that opcodes like get_ingredients and get_ingredients_smart can check this flag to also allow matching on NBT.
Fixed a problem with crafting station ignoring item equality if NBT was present.
Another similar fix for the processor.
The Twilight Forest by Benimatic - (3.3.202 > 3.4.239)
We now have loading screens when going to the Twilight Forest!
The Naga and Lich now have fancy incremental boss bars for their body segments and phases respectively.
The Block of Fiery Metal now has a fancy model.
Arctic armour now has lore text that makes it clear it can be dyed.
Also added a advancement related to dying Arctic armour.
Armour made from boss drops now have damage resistance, balanced relative to the progression.
Death Tome has a chance to drop enchanted books.
Quest Ram now pulls rewards from its own editable loot table.
Uncrafting Table now returns materials directly to inventory like 1.12 vanilla Crafting Table.
Changing dimension ID of the Twilight Forest now requires a relaunch.
Changing the seed of your world now needs to have the world reloaded.
The 'shedding' from Death Tomes now draws from a loot table.
Block of Fiery Metal now stays lit when set on fire.
Made the boss spawner unbreakable, no more pacifist route unless on peaceful.
The Ore Magnet no longer moves ores if it is a tile entity.
Made the Ghast Trap advancement more specific in its wording.
Updated our JEI dependency to a newer version.
Fixed Ironwood model.
Set particle Firefly size to 0 so they don't keep blinking in and out in F3+B mode.
Fixed a bug where all storage blocks worked as fuel.
Fixed Block of Fiery Metal and Block of Ironwood having parts render solid black without CTM.
Big spruce trees in the snow biomes are no longer partially made out of oak logs.
Giant blocks no longer destroy other blocks upon placement, including bedrock and the laws of physics.
Charm of Keeping and Charm of Life no longer conflict resulting in item loss, they now properly take turns and play nice.
Fiery Tears and Blood now show as interchangeable in JEI.
Roots no longer replaces important blocks in generation.
Cleaned up the chunk generator some more.
UniDict by WanionCane - (1.2 > 1.4)
New Integrations:
Advanced Rocketry (All Machines)
Base Metals (Crack Hammer)
Forestry (Centrifuge)
Industrial Foregoing (Laser)
Magneticraft (Crushing Table, Sluice Box)
The Integration with Sluice Box may not work as expected, due the lack of registration of Magneticraft Dusts on the Ore Dictionary.
Fixed IC2's Forge Hammer being broken.
Made several improvements in Crafting Integration.
Some recipes may have had their name changed, which can lead to issues with the Recipe Book.
Due to the way Crafting Integration works, UniDict can not control directly what the name the recipes are going to be, so, if there is any issue related to this, I can't fix it.
If your game doesn't crash on World Loading, then you're free of this issue.
Don't worry about this issue, it is very unlikely to happen.
WanionLib by WanionCane - (1.2 > 1.3)
No changelog was provided by the mod author.
Wireless Crafting Terminal by TheRealp455w0rd - (3.8.52 > 3.8.55)
Fixed the infinity energy count nto being updated live when cards are inserted via autoconsume.
Fixed a crash when trying to opening the Wireless Crafting Terminal with the hotkey when it's a bauble.
Fixed WCT's shapeless item recipes not giving output.
Fixed WCT's JEI integration not working in the Universal Terminal from Extra Cells 2.
Configuration Changes
Deleted Inventory Tweaks' config files.
Recipe Changes
Commented all recipe changes to help those looking at the file understand what's going on.
Removed the ability to Compactor (press) compressed coal balls to prevent easy diamond creation (Fixes 261724).
Added Industrial Foregoing laser drill support for other mods (Fixes 261714).
Implemented a temporary workaround for a mod compatibility issue between Tesla Core Lib and Thermal Foundation regarding gears.
Applied a temporary fix for CoFH/Feedback#660.
Addressed some inconsistency with Actually Additions' Black Quartz.