RopeyPlague, BartBoys3, me ( Nobody_Perfect ) and probably Lobosch where thinking about starting a PVP Event on the Foolcraft Server.

The Pack is excellent for PVP ( modern warfare mod, modular turrets .... )

We would like to collect ideas here and setup some rules for the event(s).

Im not sure if this Thread should be in the Foolcraft designated Sub-forum.

Maybe we can interest some other players from different modpacks to join us in the PVP Event either
- as foot soldiers ( we will equip you and you can just have some PVP fun)
- as your own Team - you'd need to setup some basics to equip for the fight

Ideas so far:

1: small
- just a nice arena.. some guns / swords / bows / whatever
- a 1-2 hour fight to the death - player with most kills wins ( maybe count separated heads or something )
2: medium
- a designated area
- maybe 2-3 hours prep time to setup a base and some defence
- 2-3 hours fight
3: big
- maybe a designated dimension?
- day prep time
- day fight with rockets.. nukes .. whatever baddies the pack offers

.. so far my thoughts - hopefully we can get some more people to join - if not we will have a Team vs Team fight with 4-6 peeps..