Stone block is an interesting idea. Skyblock you start in a void world, but Stoneblock you start off in a world that's completely stone, no ores, only the cave you start in. You let out your inner dwarf and dig out tunnels and cave to make your base. The pack offers Project E but gates it so you need to be end game to really start using it. It has many ways to generate resources, you have chickens (and the mod Roost, which makes chickens so much more useful), you have mystical agriculture, fluid cows (no infinity cow to my knowledge), Void miners. Sadly there isn't much magic in the pack, but there is some. Honestly, once you get yourself started and going there isn't that much difference between stoneblock and skyblock. If you have the ambition you can even see the sky in stoneblock (and not in the mining world but in the "overworld"

7/10 It's fun. I recommend it. It even has a little challenge to it, but this is another quick pack that can be fun to play with friends. as with most skyblocks you need to remember that playing on a server not to go overboard with resource generation, but if you do it single player you can go all out.

Misshaptat, J_physco, and I got to end game in about 5 days. 4 of which was just breeding every chicken to 10,10,10 just to have every chicken, and if you are doing every chicken might as well have them at 10,10,10.