If you loved Regrowth, then this pack is for you. there is story telling elements to the pack, altered recipes, progression style gating gives you pay off for getting to each level. The pack features Futurecraft which is a mod that like a modpack in itself (there currently is little written about this mod which enhances the challenge) This is a long haul pack that is nicely balance and flows nicely with it's gates where when you open a gate it changes the game enough to keep some flavor. the acid rain and shadow monster adds an element to the game too, which while can be annoying, it usually is more about being annoyed with yourself for forgetting about them.

9/10 recommend this pack, fun solo or with friends.

This is normally the part where I say how long to get to end game. But as of this post I haven't made it to end game yet. I honestly couldn't even tell you how far I am from end game either.