Hey everyone, I am Krepstix :p
I am a 37 year old "girl" from the Netherlands, glorious Limburg is where Fliplucky and I live with our 2 kids. I like modded mc obviously and a looooot of other games from pc, console to just good old boardgames. I like a good movie or a book aswell as bingewatch worthy series on netflix. I may be a bit of a geek *ahum* :') love talking about all sorts of stuff and insert a fair amount of sarcasm into conversations, which sometimes leads to some issues..but it's who I am I guess. I enjoy music of all sorts but my heart belongs to the harder segments of "guitar" music x) Hmm what else.. Interested in Japan, drawing, tattoos, singing, woodworking, arts and crafts.. Love Coffee, Beer and Whisky. Will not say no to good food :)