First a little info about the bot!
it's an opensource music bot that has been tampered with a bit.

Commands can be used by either pinging the bot with @Sir Dj Skellington or you can use the "!" before a command.

Sir Dj Skellington commands:

!about - shows info about the bot
!ping - checks the bot's latency
!settings - shows the bots settings


!nowplaying - shows the song that is currently playing
!play <title|URL|subcommand> - plays the provided song
!playlists - shows the available playlists
!queue [pagenum] - shows the current queue
!remove <position|ALL> - removes a song from the queue
!search <query> - searches Youtube for a provided query
!scsearch <query> - searches Soundcloud for a provided query
!shuffle - shuffles songs you have added
!skip - votes to skip the current song

The following commands can be used by any @support member of the STC community.

!forceskip - skips the current song
!pause - pauses the current song
!playnext <title|URL> - plays a single song next
!repeat [on|off] - re-adds music to the queue when finished
!skipto <position> - skips to the specified song
!stop - stops the current song and clears the queue
!volume [0-150] - sets or shows volume

If the bot for any reason seems to not be playing music but the icon is lit up green as if it's speaking join a different discord server's voice chat then back to what ever channel the bot is in. (this is a discord issue not a bot issue)

If for some reason the bot is not responding to commands please ping me @ihastunes and i will work on getting it fixed as soon as i can.