Hello peeps,

As you all are aware we're experiencing some lag on Enigmatica. We found a mod that could help people build in a more server-friendly manner callled Tiquality. It was added to Enigmatica AND Project ozone 3 servers. It is a server-side mod so you don't have to add anything to the modpack.

How it works
If a player places a block, Tiquality will assign that block to that player's personal trackerHolder. This trackerHolder will perform future updates for that block, using the time constraint of the player that placed the block.
If more players log in, the time will be divided more. If a player doesn't use up all of his tick time, other's will receive the remaining time.
Logged out player's blocks don't have count as chunkloaders don't work offline.

Consequences of not being server-friendly
An update throttler, that aims to provide a fair Minecraft experience at 20 TPS for users who do not cause a heavy load on the server, whilst players who build carelessly only get 10 TPS (depending on their impact).
This encourages server friendly build behavior, and attempts to not ruin gameplay for others who care about their server.

The commands you need to know about
- If you're building with a teammate :
/tq share <playername>

- Since bases are already present you need to do this while standing in your base, not running this command will result in some of your setups not working anymore.
/tq claim

We'll see how it goes and monitor it as it looks promising but could also raise new issues, feel free to use support channel on our discord to bring them up :)

Credits to Terminator_NL_44352929