Protection Status

Get Whitelisted On Shape The Cube

How to get whitelisted on Shape The Cube in 5 easy steps?

  1. Register on our website
  2. Authenticate your Minecraft account with Enjin,Click for step by step (this step is required as we accept only premium Minecraft accounts)
  3. Once authenticated you will be displayed a short whitelist application form below this wall of text
  4. Fill out the whitelist form
  5. Wait for a Staff member to check your submission and approve it.

Some pointers...

  • If you have any bans that are less than 6 months old, please do not bother applying as we will reject you!
  • Do not try and hide your bans, if you were banned tell us as we will eventually find your bans before whitelisting you!
  • In the whitelist form you will be presented with a section that asks you for some sort of introduction or explanation, please take your time and write something down that is pleasant to read. Forms containing only one word in mentioned section will be rejected!
  • Whitelist application contains a couple of questions directly related to our RULES (click here to visit the page) and FAQs (click here to visit the page), be sure to go through these two pages before you start filling out the application!

After you submit your application...

Once reviewed and accepted you will be notified of it being either accepted, declined or asking for further information. This review may take up to 24 hours so please be patient as this is done to ensure that all members are a correct fit for our community.

If You Are Accepted
You will be whitelisted on all of our servers and will be free to play on them. We will not accept any other character other than the one you have registered on the site with.
If You Are Declined
If your application is declined we will notify you of the reason why and the re-application date if applicable. We do record IP addresses and if found attempting to reapply before the date given on any other alt you will be declined permanently.
If Asked For More Information
If we find that there are some things that are not clear or we need to clarify with you such as an old ban from another server or anything we feel needs further information, we will request it and then go from there.

Why such a complicated whitelist procedure?

We have put this in place to ensure that those that are a part of our community will be:

  • A good fit and will get along with the current player base
  • Mature
  • Not prone to griefing, stealing or being plain rude and disruptive to our community